Integration bitrix site manager with 1C:Enterprise

Integration bitrix site manager with 1C:Enterprise


Integration BITRIX SITE MANAGER with 1C:ENTERPRISE helps you to solve the following goals:

  • Posting of the products range to the online store catalog.
  • Transfer of orders from the site to '1C' for processing.
  • Uploading processed orders to the site to notify customers.

Integration provides real-time data exchange between Bitrix Site Manager and 1C. It does not require the installation of a separate server and special settings. The system stably works on almost any hardware, with the minimal load the online store and 1C.

Realtime exchange with '1С'

Real-time exchange with 1C is a two-way continuous communication technology between Bitrix Site Manager and 1C. The system provides real-time data exchange between two software products.

Real-time exchange workflow:

  • From '1C' to the online store -> about goods, discounts, prices, stock within the orders;
  • From the store to '1C' -> about orders, statuses, payment systems, buyers, counterparties.

Natural integration without any customization

To implement the integration, you do not need to purchase any additional modules or configurations. By purchasing '1C: Trade Management' and 'Bitrix Site Manager' you automatically receive the necessary functionality. You can also improve the functionality of integration by downloading and installing a free module for 1C: Trade Management.

Wide functional abilities

There is an automation of a large number of online store workflows, as well as several different business models of the functional blocks. Integration modules contain many settings, which almost always allows you to adjust to the business workflows of your company.

Easy to set up

In order to ensure integration, you do not need to have special knowledge in programming or web technologies. The settings are simple and understandable for a user with general computer skills and basic knowledge of 1C and Bitrix Site Manager products.

Option of automatic work on a schedule

The integration functional can work completely unnoticed for employees, without loading them with routine operations. You can configure automatic two-way data exchange on a schedule, and the system will perform the specified operations at specified time intervals. For administrators, it is possible to receive reports on the results of the exchange.


No threats to the security of the site can not threaten the security of your data in 1C. The website is running on a remote hosting and does not have access to the 1C system and its database. Only in 1C it is stored the necessary information to work with the website: the server address and data to perform authentication. For a site, a request from 1C is a typical request from a user that needs to be processed in accordance with his rights. The security breach of 1C also does not threaten the security of the website, since the exchange is performed from the rights of the user, who has rather limited rights (only work with goods and orders), and in principle can not cause any special harm to the web -site.


Your online store can work with a huge number of visitors, at the same time many of them can work with the catalog of products, perform orders of the goods. The site can hold any load, without affecting to the performance of '1C'. The load on '1C' depends only on the data exchange settings that the administrator will set up: the volume of the product catalog, the availability of images and attributes, and the frequency of data exchange. The most resource-intensive procedure for '1C' is the preparation of a large number of nomenclature positions for unloading. But due to the system of monitoring the changed positions, at each exchange session only the goods with changed data will be unloaded. Often this is not a large amount of goods, and such a load is completely invisible.

Open format and protocol of exchange

Integration is based on the use of the open format for the exchange of commercial information CommerceML.
The protocol of exchange is documented in detail.