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Simple Website or App
Landing page
Simple one-page website. Best fits for short and clear presentation of the company, services, or products. Contains forms for enquires from the visitors.
Company Website
Website consists of several static pages. Usually they are: Home, About Us, Blog, Services or Products, Contact Us. Visitors may send enquiries from the forms.
Online shop
Website may have online catalogue with filters, cart, checkout, payment gateways. Also usually contains informational pages and enquiry forms similar to Company
B2B/B2C platform
Website may have informational pages, complex catalogues with filters, extended account pages, discounts and bonuses, cart, checkout, one or several payment gateways.
High-loaded System
Social networks
Website may have expanded sign-up functionality and account pages, messages and notifications, likes, photo and video galleries, filters, search, other integrations.
Bidding or auction platform
This website type also may be referred to web applications. Usually have many complex and custom functionality, api integrations, admin panel customization.


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