Company site for cargo logistics company who do business automation

A very interesting project which belongs to the category of WordPress development and UI UX design.

The most time consuming part was the design development. In principle, we initially understood this there, and took enough time to evaluate. The biggest problem was in the vague formulation of the problem, the client himself did not have a clear idea of what he wanted to get at the end. Definitely something better than the old site, more modern, in line with the current global trends in design and site building. The client’s business niche is also challenging in a way, for graphical rendering. At least because there is simply not a sufficient number of beautiful, high-quality and modern pictures displaying logistics topics, more specifically, auto transportation of new and used cars. In addition to auto transportation, the second part of the client’s business is aimed at developing software for automating logistics and document flow for such companies, and this should have been dedicated to a part of the site.

After several months and multiple revisions, the site was ready. Also the multilingual function was implemented for more than 10 languages, we were using WPML.

We have also developed a mobile application for IOS for this client, but this is already a new story.


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