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WordPress development

It is quite simple to describe the project in the original formulation of how it came to us. After all, this is the company’s website on developed on WordPress. Yes, the client’s company is a very cool and respected design and branding agency in the USA. They have a very large high-quality portfolio, with many successful cases, and all this is shown on the site in the best way for the user. 

A client came to us with his own design, because they are a design agency themselves. Earlier, the client had a bad story trying to develop this site with other developers. I must say that they tried to make the site for almost a year, as long as the client’s patience was enough, before the money gone somewhere, and the site was not ready even in the first approximation. I should note that in my practice this is not the first client who comes to us after unsuccessful attempts, and already with a considerable budget spent, but without any result. After we analyzed the business goals of the site, as well as delved into the specifics of the client’s business in detail, we were able to offer the most optimal approach and technologies for the development of this company site. I would like to note that the past developer even chose the wrong stack, which not only did not solve the client’s problems, but also significantly complicated the entire development process, and as a result could not complete it himself. Since we chose a different technology stack for web development, in a sense, we can say that we started web development from scratch.
And although the development of the company’s website cannot be classified as a complex custom web development, nevertheless, the site design had complex graphics and interactive animations, which required a high level of expertise and experience from the web development team. Well, it is worth noting that there are many pages on the site, and their development also took time. We worked as efficiently as possible, attracting the maximum number of free web developers at possible stages, and finished programming the site within a reasonable time, about a month.

With this project, we got a fairly long work after the main stage of development, due to the fact that the client has excellent creative and strategic thinking, he constantly came up with atypical interesting tasks for integrations and user interaction functions to increase conversion. Based on statistics and metrics, the sample blocks were constantly being improved, and the conversion of the site was very efficiently promoted.

There are also integrations on the site, such as, for example, sending their form data directly to the CRM and creating leads there with the necessary fields.
We like such projects, and we are always happy to take on them and help.


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