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The project belongs to the category of WordPress design and development.
A long time ago, a few years ago, a client Alex came to us with the aim of creating a website from scratch for his company, which deals with courses for certification of personal trainers in the UK. At that time, he already had an established offline business, but in order to reach a larger audience and high-quality representation on the Internet, the client decided to make a digital transformation.
I am absolutely serious, using Alex as an example, I want to show the level of preparedness of a client when he comes to a web studio to create a company website, being a professional in a completely different field. And at the same time, he set out his thoughts in a structured, free form on paper. So that we can take this and start creating his website, creating the structure and design of his brand. He just made several doc files, in which he listed pages, examples of sites that he likes and what exactly, examples of sites that he doesn’t like and why, structures of pages, primary text content and pictures. With such a complete set of primary information, the designer of our web studio was able to draw all the pages with the correct structure and information from the very first time. Then the client made several revisions during which he made adjustments in colors, fonts, positioning and other minor improvements.
So that was a few years ago, and then we created for the client an excellent company website on WordPress from scratch with design and programming, as well as the integration of forms with CRM Zoho.
And this year, as the client’s business is successfully growing, the amount of information that needs to be submitted to the visitors is increasing. It was also necessary to add certain functionality to update to the latest best site building practices.
The client again perfectly prepared, set out all his thoughts in a free format, investing as much as possible everything that he would like to display on his new website. I passed all this information to our in-house web designer, and he created high-quality wireframes from the first time. After some revisions, we were ready to turn prototypes into colorful designs, and the old successful brand began to play with new colors. The client was happy. After several design revisions, our web development team proceeded to convert the Figma design into WordPress site.
The most difficult place can be noted the functionality associated with the integration of payments using the Stripe payment system. And it is precisely in payment with the possibility of an installment plan of the course, with the first payment immediately, and dividing the remaining balance into an equal amount for 6 or 12 months.
Also, the client did a SEO optimization of the site, and it became necessary to optimize the page speed of 90+ according to the google page speed insights, for the highest ranking of the site in search engines, and this task was completed in a few days.
And now the client periodically comes up with interesting ideas to attract more customers, so he turns to us, and we carry out the service promptly.


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