Shopify store for merch products

When the very first time, this client contacted us, the task formulation  sounded something like this: we need you to develop a site on Shopify, using some examples that we liked. And since at that time, we already had good expertise in the development of e-commerce sites on the Shopify platform, and the client was our regular, we gladly agreed to this job. After a certain period of clarifying all the details, discussing the nuances, we were able to give an estimate, and after agreeing on it and agreeing on the budget and terms, we made a deal for the company website development, and started the process.

The formulation of the task for the development of this Shopify store project was quite clear, therefore, the result that our client received before the first revision was very close to his expectations. The graphics and content for this e-commerce shop was kindly provided by the client and we quickly filled the site with content.

There was a small request for customization, taking into account the specifics of the topic in which the company operates, namely, medicinal marijuana and related merchandise. Client asked for a modal window to be shown for visitors who came to the site for the first time, to check the legal age, the window should not be shown for visitors from some states, which was in accordance with state laws.

The project was implemented in less than a month, on the Shopify platform and successfully passed to the client and moved live.


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