WordPress development for tech company from the US.

WordPress website development for tech company from the US.

This is a short story about a case when we made a web page presentation for a startup. Page with beautiful interactive and heavy animations on WordPress.

We were reached by a client, an American innovative technology company. They have a lot of cool projects and technologies that allow people to manage energy efficiency and also reduce carbon emissions, etc. They have their own cool web designer who draws graphics for them, including website designs. Previously, they did web development in-house with the help of in-house developers. But recently, due to the growth of the company and the increase in the volume of tasks, internal development resources are no longer enough. There was a need: to quickly increase the lack of resources in the field of web development, without losing quality in all areas, such as communications, processes, and of course the quality of the code and the project as a whole. Deadlines are also important.

The first task for us as offshore dedicated team was to design a beautiful animated web page, animations work on scroll.

And since the whole process went through:

1) The client provided in PDF his comments and wishes on animations, etc. With the most detailed examples from other sites, as well as screenshots and video explanations.

Also the source files of the site designs.

2) We analyzed all the information and asked clarifying questions. Got answers.

3) Provided an estimate and a plan for the development of a site on WordPress, also with deadlines. Planned the logic of using our development server – migrating to their development server – migrating to their live site.

4) Approved everything with the customer and got approval to move forward.

5) We did the development of PSD to HTML.

6) Made the integration of layout with WordPress HTML to WordPress.

7) Conducted initial testing and bug fixes.

8) Showed result to the client. The client sent a detailed list of edits and changes. It should be noted that there were about 5 such rounds of edits and reviews. We treat such clients with understanding and loyalty, and we strive for the client to receive a product that they like, so edits are not a problem for us, the main thing is a successful end result.

9) We made a transfer from our development server to the server of the client, everything was set up there, taking into account the fact that we used ACF.

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