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    Custom Branding Agency

    website development

    page page page page

    What we did?

    Full development of the site on WordPress.

    Implementation of complex and atypical animations.

    Development of cast functionality associated with the business objectives of the client.

    It is quite simple to describe the project in the original formulation of how it came to us. After all, this is the company’s website on developed on WordPress. Yes, the client’s company is a very cool and respected design and branding agency in the USA. They have a very large high-quality portfolio, with many successful cases, and all this is shown on the site in the best way for the user.

    A client came to us with his own design, because they are a design agency themselves. Earlier, the client had a bad story trying to develop this site with other developers. I must say that they tried to make the site for almost a year, as long as the client’s patience was enough, before the money gone somewhere, and the site was not ready even in the first approximation. I should note that in my practice this is not the first client who comes to us after unsuccessful attempts, and already with a considerable budget spent, but without any result. After we analyzed the business goals of the site, as well as delved into the specifics of the client’s business in detail, we were able to offer the most optimal approach and technologies for the development of this company site. I would like to note that the past developer even chose the wrong stack, which not only did not solve the client’s problems, but also significantly complicated the entire development process, and as a result could not complete it himself. Since we chose a different technology stack for web development, in a sense, we can say that we started web development from scratch.
    And although the development of the company’s website cannot be classified as a complex custom web development, nevertheless, the site design had complex graphics and interactive animations, which required a high level of expertise and experience from the web development team. Well, it is worth noting that there are many pages on the site, and their development also took time. We worked as efficiently as possible, attracting the maximum number of free web developers at possible stages, and finished programming the site within a reasonable time, about a month.

    With this project, we got a fairly long work after the main stage of development, due to the fact that the client has excellent creative and strategic thinking, he constantly came up with atypical interesting tasks for integrations and user interaction functions to increase conversion. Based on statistics and metrics, the sample blocks were constantly being improved, and the conversion of the site was very efficiently promoted.

    There are also integrations on the site, such as, for example, sending their form data directly to the CRM and creating leads there with the necessary fields.

    We like such projects, and we are always happy to take on them and help.



    hands shakingEnquiry & beginning

    Scope of work and project kick-off


    hands shakingDiscovery & research

    Customers and competitors research


    hands shakingWireframing & prototype

    Digital sketching of your future site


    hands shakingUI & UX design

    Visual creation of your future site


    hands shakingCoding

    Bringing your future site to live


    hands shakingQuality check

    Ensuring your project is bug-free


    hands shakingDeployment & release

    Move site to your server


    hands shakingPost-launch support

    Happy support


    “The project has been fantastic — they are a very attentive partner”

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    David P. - aloa.co

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    “We always want to meet all our schedules and deadlines and so far, they hit all those qualitative metrics”

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    Sean C. - Fresh LLC

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    “They’re very easy to work with, and we never experienced issues concerning the management of tasks”

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    Jon R. - SaVRee

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    “Their ability to do pretty much anything I needed doing it with quality was impressive”

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    Alex C. - Thefitnesscircle

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    “The team is down to earth, knows what needs to be done, and is ready to go and do it”

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    Josh W. - Stay365

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      What does brand design include?

      Packaging and label design. Packaging and labels are the strongest communication channel in terms of impact on the consumer. Properly selected form, style, colors form the personality of your brand, create its image.

      • Corporate identity development is a process that allows you to identify your brand from the products of other companies by creating visual and informational distinctive features (slogan, logo, corporate colors and fonts, etc.).
      • Creation of a logo. A logo is a bright, memorable brand name of a company or product. This is the most recognizable element of the brand by the consumer, the identifier of any trademark.
      • Brand book design is a list of basic techniques that provide a unified graphic corporate style for the company’s products or services. With the right brand image, you can win the respect and trust of customers and partners.
      • The advertising campaign is based on positioning, which, in turn, is based on market research and situational analysis. Brand advertising should be verified to the smallest detail, and designed in accordance with the overall concept of the brand.

      Depending on the niche for which the brand is being formed, other types of services may be needed. Depending on the range of services that the company provides in this niche, the structure and design of the site will be thought out. Our company will be happy to help realize all the wishes of the customer and develop a website for the sale of design and branding services.

      Web development & design: the process of working on a project 

      Determination of the scope of work and launch of the project

      At the first stage, it is important to understand the goals and objectives that the corporate website will solve. What target audience is it designed for, what kind and type (text, photo, media) information will be placed on it. We are well aware that services web development and design is something that is unfamiliar to a person who is not connected with this field of activity and therefore we think in every possible way how to make working with a client comfortable for him and maximize the effectiveness of interaction. To understand all the “pains” of the client, we just need to talk with him, get acquainted with examples of sites that he likes and which, on the contrary, he does not like and why, the approximate page structure, primary text and visual content. Based on this information, our programmers and designers will be able to suggest the structure of the site, colors and more (develop web site).

      Research of competitors

      When performing an analysis of the site of competitors, it is possible to count on receiving the following advantages:

      • identifying strategies for the development of web resources of a potential competitor for further use in their own activities;
      • search among a wide list of competitors for quality donors used for your own web resource;
      • understanding of the general situation in the existing market with the development of prospects for the further development of the site.

      This will be useful not only for the web development projects, but also in the future for its promotion.

      Visual creation of your future website

      Web design aims to make the site aesthetically literate as well as user friendly. A professionally designed web design performs several tasks at once. First of all, of course, the creation of a website is necessary to attract potential buyers of your products and services. . In addition, the image of the company depends on the web design of the corporate site. Thus, website creation and web design cannot be separated, they are one. Website design companies know that visuals are very important.

      Revitalization of your future website

      The layout designer, using the hypertext markup language and cascading styles, creates ready-made standard pages from design layouts that will be used by the programmer when introducing the design layout into the content management system. This is not a full-fledged site yet, but only a set of pages, scripts and pictures that will be used by the site engine to form the final web document.

      At this stage, it is very important to implement the layout in such a way as to ensure:

      • Cross-browser compatibility – equally correct display of the site in any of the modern web browsers.
      • Adaptability of design – the ability of the site interface to adapt to the screen resolution of the device (mainly mobile and tablet devices) from which it is viewed.
      • Accessible and flexible code – maintaining the ability to quickly edit the code at any time, correct errors and add new elements, information by any specialist, including from the side of the Customer.
      • Speed – the site code must be optimized, quickly executed by the browser and not waste extra memory and processor resources.
      • Validity – compliance of the layout with the international standards of the W3C consortium.
      • Correctness – the correct and logical use of all elements of the code

      Make sure your project is free of bugs

      Upon completion of the work, we carry out the initial filling and configuration of the site software. Further – the newly created site is transferred for testing directly to you as the Customer. Here you decide how you will conduct testing, either by your own employees of the company, or use the services of independent testers.

      Transfer site to your server

      After completion of all procedures and work on testing the site, training of specialists on the part of the Customer, the project will be ready for opening to visitors. At this stage, the final payment for the project is usually carried out and the developed site is published in the public domain, where the site becomes available to the target audience of the Customer.


      Managing a website can be compared to owning and using a car. You drive your own car, which solves your needs for movement and transportation of goods, but it periodically needs to be refueled, inflated tires, undergo maintenance and repairs.

      Likewise with the website. Of course, it will not break down periodically, but it will need at least a systematic update of information, i.e. in content management and maintenance services ( troubleshooting, data backup) and much more.

      In addition, over time, you will feel the need to modernize any sections, expand the functionality of the site, change the design, etc. We are ready to help you at all stages of the business and website, and not just take over the develop web site, because we are the best company for website design and not only.

      Are you still looking for a “website design company near me”, “website design company in new york”, or “the best website design company”? in vain! Since you are reading this, you have already found the best ecommerce website design company.