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    Web development for a hotel from our company: our offers and benefits

    The hotel industry is a highly competitive business. Despite the presence of hotel aggregators for finding and booking accommodation, such as Airbnb or Booking, large hotels invest in the development of their website.

    If you are planning to expand your business in the field of hotels and hostels or want to create a business from scratch that will start to make a profit already at the start, pay enough attention to strategy, market research and the transition to digital. In most cases, a selling site is enough.

    Advantages of the site for hotel business owners

    1. Saving time and money. In order to provide information to potential customers, hotel managers spend time. Regardless of the format of clarification of information – phone, brochure or e-mail – the site will save time for staff and provide convenience to customers. On the pages of a web resource, you can place all the necessary information, which will eliminate the need for consulting among managers.
    2. Increasing confidence. A site with a convenient structure, modern design and positive reviews increases the trust of potential customers, motivating them to book a room in your hotel.
    3. Attracting clients. The site attracts more customers through promotions, loyalty programs and special offers. It is an effective advertising and sales tool.
    4. Expanding the customer base. When developing a website, you can localize it for different geographic markets and customers. So you can attract tourists from other cities and countries to the hotel or hostel.
    5. Collection of reviews. Collecting and analyzing feedback will help determine the target audience, draw up a “portrait” of the client, his interests and main needs. Later, it will be easier to launch profitable promotions, as well as develop effective SMM and advertising campaigns.

    And finally, an effective website increases the profits of the hotel business. When booking rooms through aggregators and other third-party services, the hotel loses up to 15% of income due to the commission. Working with intermediaries also takes a lot of time to control payments and check the availability of rooms. In addition, it will be difficult to develop a strong hotel brand without a personal website. Aggregator users will remember the Booking logo, not the hotel or hostel they are staying at. Are you still thinking about whether you need wordpress development? But in vain, of course, website development is exactly the service that you need.

    What kind of websites can we offer to the client?

    A site is a set of pages or a scrollable page that is accessible through a link on the web. In turn, sites are divided into several types:

    • Landing is a one-page site. It is created for one offer – for example, for the announcement of a discount or the presentation of an event. The page contains basic information: the period of the discount, the conditions of the promotional offer, or the date, place, program and speakers of the event. It is also necessary to place a CTA (call to action) button. After developing the landing page, marketers launch ads on Google, Instagram, and Facebook. Landing helps to accumulate traffic from various digital channels. However, using such a site for the full promotion of the hotel is ineffective.
    • A business card site is a web resource with a simple structure. It mainly consists of a description of the company, main services or products, and contact details. The main function of a business card site is to inform and provide round-the-clock access to the necessary information about the company. The disadvantage of using this type of site is the complexity of search promotion. So, you will not be able to bring such a web resource to the TOP of search queries. This means that it will be difficult to find it on the Internet, the search for customers will be possible only through paid advertising, referral marketing or word of mouth.
    • Site-catalog – a site with an extended structure of pages, where the goods or services of the company are offered. In the case of the hotel business, this is a catalog of available rooms. The development and design of such a site is an ordinary task for us, we will definitely cope with it perfectly. Our web designer and development is at a high level.
    • A corporate multi-page site is a web resource with a complex structure and a large number of pages. This is a voluminous site with a complex structure that can be effectively promoted to rank high in a highly competitive niche. web development & design of this level is suitable for large hotels, as well as young businesses whose owners want to make a profit at the start of opening a hotel or hostel.

    We know all the secrets of developing a quality website. Our web development projects confirm that we are the best specialists in our field. Each web development website that our designers and developers are engaged in is maximally adapted to the needs of a particular client. Our services web development are the best.

    Web development & design from our company is an ideal solution at an affordable price

    It is difficult to imagine a developed business without its own website. Social networks provide only partial functionality of a classic site and do not allow you to implement some types of promotion. Our company offers a web development website of any complexity for the implementation of the most ambitious business plans.

    Web designer and development of sites for business is a complex task that we solve on a turnkey basis. The result is a communication tool tailored to your needs.Various online trainings are especially relevant today – these can be trainings in psychology, training in a legal specialty, public speaking, financial literacy, and more.

    What do we offer clients as part of website development?

    Develop web site involves such items as:

    • setting the task (determining the target audience, thinking about the functionality (choosing a position, comparing the offered service packages, filtering, shopping cart, reinforcement of payment systems);
    • development and approval of the terms of reference (determination of the structure, graphic and text content, deadlines, etc.);
    • development of a site design layout (the site should be pleasant to perceive. Of course, when we did development for design and branding studios, they offered their own options, because people from this area know all the nuances and subtleties of page design);
    • page layout;
    • functional part programming;
    • website promotion and content filling;
    • testing and subsequent adjustment;
    • editing and support.

    We have extensive experience in developing sites for similar purposes and we know how to make the site perfectly cope with the tasks assigned to it. The areas in which the development team works are:

    • recognition, attraction of new customers and partners;
    • presentation of the company, its activities or services;
    • sale of goods or services;
    • attracting the target audience and redirecting to other channels;
    • organization of an advertising campaign for a specific product or brand.

    Our web development projects, which you can see on the site, are a real embodiment of art and an example of modern information technologies. We know all the secrets of a quality product and will be happy to help you realize all your plans on the site. Believe us, your business will reach a new level with us. 

    We not only get access to ordered services web development of any complexity, we also guarantee accurate interaction with the client using the project deadlines, as well as the highest level of order fulfillment. Our web designer and development know what a really good product is.

    Determination of the scope of work and launch of the project

    At the first stage, it is important to understand the goals and objectives that the corporate website will solve. What target audience is it designed for, what kind and type (text, photo, media) information will be placed on it. We are well aware that services web development and design is something that is unfamiliar to a person who is not connected with this field of activity and therefore we think in every possible way how to make working with a client comfortable for him and maximize the effectiveness of interaction. To understand all the “pains” of the client, we just need to talk with him, get acquainted with examples of sites that he likes and which, on the contrary, he does not like and why, the approximate page structure, primary text and visual content. Based on this information, our programmers and designers will be able to suggest the structure of the site, colors and more (develop web site).


    Landingpage for vacation deals

    Website development

    page page page

    What we did?

    Based on the design, complete development of the web application(SPA) was made.

    The site delivered in its full functional readiness and mobile responsive.

    The main functional details: dynamic banners, date picker for reservations, CMS. Also checkout page, and integration with own-developed API to push orders to the database for managers.

    Thought-out, very simple and high conversion rate, one-page site with dynamically changing content. Hotel with reviews, lots of photos, different room options, available dates for booking, API integration with other services, possibility to book online. Everything is done flexibly and can be edited even by a not very tech-savvy person in the admin panel of WordPress.



    We have an optimized workflow for design and development, which allows us to control the process and maintain quality at the same high level from project to project. The process is shown below.


    hands shakingEnquiry & beginning

    Scope of work and project kick-off


    hands shakingDiscovery & research

    Customers and competitors research


    hands shakingWireframing & prototype

    Digital sketching of your future site


    hands shakingUI & UX design

    Visual creation of your future site


    hands shakingCoding

    Bringing your future site to live


    hands shakingQuality check

    Ensuring your project is bug-free


    hands shakingDeployment & release

    Move site to your server


    hands shakingPost-launch support

    Happy support

    Reviews of our fantastic customers

    We work hard to ensure that our customers are always happy with the delivery result. Read reviews which speak for themselves.


    The project has been fantastic — they are a very attentive partner

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    David P. - aloa.co

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    We always want to meet all our schedules and deadlines and so far, they hit all those qualitative metrics

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    Sean C. - Fresh LLC

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    They’re very easy to work with, and we never experienced issues concerning the management of tasks

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    Jon R. - SaVRee

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    Their ability to do pretty much anything I needed doing it with quality was impressive

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    Alex C. - Thefitnesscircle

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    The team is down to earth, knows what needs to be done, and is ready to go and do it

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    Josh W. - Stay365

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