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    Book property online for homestay easy and fast

    Just imagine how cool it is to travel and book affordable accommodation and not spend a lot of time on it. All the best and clearest features for easy search and booking of accommodation for a short period of time. And if you also get cryptocurrency bonuses for doing so? Yes! It's possible with Stay365.

    What we did?

    Advising the client on technical issues at the design stage.

    Custom software development in accordance with all customer requirements.

    Development of APIs and integration with third-party services.

    Full software development from inception to release, then post-production support, maintenance and enhancements.

    about the process

    This story begins several months earlier. The client was new to us, and the process of negotiating and closing the deal took a little longer than usual. We had to know each other better, and client had to get confidence that we are true web development professionals and able to get the project finished with best development practises and intime. We had several rounds of video calls, questions and discussions of possible approaches.

    After we had a complete understanding, and a certain roadmap of the execution plan, we were ready to carry out this Saas multi vendor platform, which is somewhat analogous to booking com and airbnb, where some users register and place real estate available for rent. And another type of users are registered and can book properties for specific dates and days.

    This project belongs to the category of full-stack custom web development on PHP.

    After the design was ready in figma, the front-end development process began. The terms for the project were initially agreed to be tight, since this is a new start-up and the goal was to launch the project as quickly as possible. After several pages were converted from design to html, back-end developers began to develop the server side of the functionality.
The project has several types of user registrations, verification of documents and users, several different types of dashboards depending on the types of users, different pricing plans and the level of availability of functionality depending on users, integration and synchronization of calendars with booking and airbnb in case there are more than one property platforms at once used, several payment systems, an automatic differentiated tariff system which depends on weekends, holidays and demand.
The difficult part of this project is perhaps a few huge design changes rounds during the development process, but our team of professional web developers knows how to solve such problems, and this did not greatly affect anything for the client, and all the improvements were made in an optimal way with minimal additional costs. Also, one of the payment systems, which was chosen by the client, turned out to be quite new, and as a result, their API was raw and the integration took longer than usual, our team communicated directly with the development team of the API of the payment system to promptly eliminate all blockers.

    The project went through several rounds of QA, in line with our regular bug identification and fixing process.

    After that, the customer’s server was optimally configured, and the development version of the site was transferred to production, the SSL certificate and smtp mail were set up.
Our team has created a cool custom productive web resource that can carry high loads and a large number of visitors.

    There is an PWA available for that site, but it is a separate story.

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