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WordPress Development

WordPress (WP) is the most common CMS, evidenced by satisfied users and statistics. According to independent agencies, in 2020, 38% of all websites and 63% based on CMS used this tool. Since the demand for this service is growing, offers are also increasing. And from all these companies and freelancers involved in WordPress development, it is necessary to choose the suitable one in all respects and, most importantly, of high quality. Therefore, the developer must have experience and provide a full range of services.

WordPress Plugin Development

The main reason for the extended functionality of a WP site is its plugins. Any of them is based on PHP code, the logic of its work, and the API’s correct use. That is why the main task of WordPress plugin development is:

  • the creation of new functionality with the lowest possible load;
  • compatibility with the core;
  • clever work of the code in a constantly updated system. 

There are many ready-made plugins on the Internet, but often they do not meet expectations (work incorrectly, load hosting, give errors). In this case, it is better to contact the developers who will promptly create an add-on to provide the necessary functionality for your project, explain its work and features of the solution. It is also possible to refine existing plugins to expand their capabilities. 

WordPress Theme Development

A WordPress theme is an overall website design that encompasses color, graphics, and text. It is also where the code meets the design, allowing the site to change based on some specific conditions set by the site administrator. This is the appearance of the web resource, its content, and the first impression when you open it while surfing. Therefore, you should give special attention to WordPress theme development.

Specialists distinguish two types of services for creating templates:

  1. Creation from scratch. This is the creation of a design according to the customer’s ideas. The theme is written for specific tasks, such as working with available plugins. The finished code is installed on the site, configured, and launched. 
  2. Refinement of existing. It is used if you have the theme that suits you, except for what needs to be finalized. Designers will fix problems or add code.

WordPress Development Company

The WordPress development company uses WP as a platform to build dynamic, beautiful, high-performing websites that focus on brand differentiation and engagement with your target audience. WordPress-based sites created by professional programmers and designers are always as responsive as possible. Used web design approach ensures optimal viewing on a wide range of devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. This saves you time and also reduces ongoing maintenance costs.

WooCommerce Development

To quickly launch an online store, you can use WooCommerce. This is an e-commerce plugin that is installed on a WordPress site. Together, they provide everything you need to quickly create a web store — design, the ability to perform high-quality analytics, marketing tools, payment, and delivery.

WooCommerce development allows you to implement the main features of e-stores: 

  • loading products;
  • creating catalogs;
  • design customization;
  • adding features;
  • order management;
  • enable geolocation, etc.

WooCommerce Integration

WooCommerce integration allows you to combine this e-commerce plugin with various applications and ready-made widgets. As a result, you will automate and improve the work of your website as much as possible.

When creating a bundle, specialists will set up the rules by which the systems will work. And you will be able to exchange data with WooCommerce and other procedures at a specified interval.

WordPress Web Designer

A properly designed website can significantly improve your brand image and increase sales. For this reason, you should choose the right WordPress web designer to help you achieve your goals.

A web designer is a person who works on the appearance of an Internet resource (online shop, blog, website, forum, etc.). He chooses which elements will be presented on the page and in what order they will be displayed on users’ monitors. Therefore this specialist must know about UI/UX design, layout, color schemes, visuals, etc.

WordPress Website Designer

Since you are hiring a WordPress website designer, he must be competent in all aspects of the content management system. The developer should be familiar with the plugin ecosystem, security, core updates, and custom theme development. He also needs to know how to design and modify the basic structure of WP. This knowledge means that a developer can tailor a WordPress website to suit your business goals.

Such a specialist is contacted when necessary to change something in the general site appearance. In addition, he can create the website from start to finish, set up menus, buttons, payment systems, and other components. 

WordPress Designer

WordPress designer must know basic programming languages. With their help, he can create new user profiles or even own control panels. Therefore, if you want to have a unique website based on CMS or make changes to an existing one, you need to choose the right contractor. Contact DEV-3 — our developers will always find a solution to any, even non-standard, problem!

WordPress Expert

Any business is a unique and inimitable structure that a standard module cannot describe. Our WordPress experts offer unique solutions and non-standard code, with the help of which the functionality of the site will be created following the requirements of your industry.

WordPress Agency

The goal of our WordPress agency is to create a profitable website for you in a cost-effective way. We focus on your client’s needs and can solve any problem (from standard, implemented in a few hours, to individual, developed jointly with the customer). 

You may ask why to hire a WordPress development company when WP is user-friendly and easy to work with. The answer is simple – everyone should do what they can do best. It is unlikely that you have the skills, time, and energy to learn all the nuances of WordPress programming. So you need the help of professionals. And such specialists work in DEV-3!


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