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    New Era of GPS tracking devices

    Imagine the convenience of tracking your child's location in real-time through a GPS tracker in their backpack, or effortlessly managing a taxi fleet via sophisticated tracking. This is made possible by our expert GPS Tracker Web Development services. While we didn't create the GPS tracker itself, we have developed an intricate web platform that supports it.

    Our services include robust database architecture and API development to seamlessly connect apps with a user-friendly dashboard and site. We’ve conducted thorough business analysis and provided technology consulting, leading to the design and development of both the website and the apps.

    Our team has crafted wireframes, designed the website and dashboard, developed the full site and apps, conducted extensive testing, and successfully launched them in production. The result is a unique and highly complex system, fused together by advanced technology and designed with a perfect user interface for maximum ease of use. With our development expertise, Unitraka's GPS tracking system becomes more than just a tool; it's a reliable solution for real-time tracking with unmatched continuity and reliability.

    What we did?

    Database architecture, API development to connect apps with dashboard, site and server.

    Business analysis, consulting on the technology, wireframing, website and dashboard design, full website and apps development, testing, launch in production.

    A unique and highly complex set of systems designed and fused together by technology and designed with a perfect user interface for ease of use.

    about the process

    This project was driven by the client’s inexhaustible energy, his ideas were ahead of time, his plans were for many years to come. We were fortunate to work together, and to get such invaluable experience in developing a system for GPS trackers.

    Our accumulated experience from past projects and new requirements gave birth to a product unparalleled in the market today, and we are proud that our hands and brains participated in every stage of design and development, from planning and design, database development, dashboard and admin panel development, mobile applications and integrations, to launch.

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