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Dmytro Pankratov

CEO, Co-founder @dev-3

Dmytro is CEO and co-founder of DEV-3 web design and development agency. Master of computer science, graduated at 2011 Ukrainian National University. Currently has more than 10 years experience helping businesses with digital transformation, web design and development.

In the realm of technological innovation, I specialize in the intricate domains of UI/UX design, web development, software engineering, and the strategic landscape of technological entrepreneurship. My commitment lies in leveraging emerging technologies to elevate businesses, ushering them into a future defined by automation and digitalization.

My extensive journey in technology, orchestrating teams of brilliant engineers and designers, and steering operational businesses on a global scale has provided me with a unique vantage point. It's within this panorama that I find the opportunity to craft solutions that not only serve a purpose but hold the potential to enhance lives and contribute to the betterment of our world.

At the helm of DEV-3, a prominent software development company, our focus is keenly set on UI/UX design, alongside the development of cutting-edge applications and web solutions. Operating seamlessly in the dynamic landscapes of the US and EU markets, we embark on a continuous mission to assist our clients in crafting bespoke mobile and web solutions. These solutions, enriched with a robust user experience and design, not only elevate our clients' businesses but also contribute to the transformative narrative of technology on a global scale.